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Carrying on from there success at the Kinder  Scout open Derby Stoke UTA sent a small team to compete in the UTF GB International at the Lee Valley Stadium in London ! With over 400 players over the weekend Stoke UTA took three Gold medals and Team medals 100% success for the team ! Master Peter Johnson took Gold in the U65 division , Wayne Nicklin Gold in the U60 Division and Kacey Titley Gold in the U14 Female division and all took Team golds as well ! Another great success for our team in 2019 !


Stoke UTA Taekwondo took a relatively small team to the 1st Kinderscout Championships held at the Derby Arena at the weekend ! A large event wit both Fighting and Poomsae (forms ) was featured , and the Stoke Team put small teams in both , But came away with twelve golds five silvers and three Bronzes in one of the Best Stoke UTA results of the year , and topping the day took a overall team trophy as well , Gold and silver Medals came from Marlon Penny , Craig Astbury and Liam Tolly in the fighting section , and In the Forms section Master Peter Johnson took Gold , James beard more  , two golds along with Wayne Nicklin and Andrea Wan and Rosie Hurst , Kacey Titley took Silver and Two bronzes in Individual team and Pairs , Mel Stazaker took a great silver in the individual  and Martin Smit from Holland guest team member took Bronze and Gold as well too make another fantastic result for our club !


Master Sang -Young Park 6th Dan from Winner Taekwondo ,was invited to Stoke UTA to conduct a technical poomsae Session at the Wallace Centre Abbey Hulton at the Weekend ! As a part of the drive for Poomsae Excellence , Master Peter Johnson 7th Dan World , European and Commonwealth medallist is Inviting the best Technical /poomsae exponents in Great Britain , recently Grand Master Shin 9th Dan conducted a session and this Month Master Park came and delivered a excellent session covering all key points and movement of poomsae  technique ! Clubs from Stoke , Staffs Taekwondo , NTC , Birmingham , Milton Keynes were in Attendance , and feedback from the students was exceptional they all enjoyed master parks delivery of a great session !Stoke UTA is to continue with more sessions to improve its students and friends , with more frequent Sessions from GM Shin and Master Park in the future , and Also Master Martin Smit travelled from Holland to stay for the weekends training and Competition ! Thanks to everyone who supported at the weekend !


Stoke UTA Taekwondo hosted a UTA Seminar this weekend at the Wallace Sports Centre ! grand Master Tong Won Shin 9th Dan and Double World Champion Conducted the session .

The five hour session was split into two groups Kup and Dan with smaller groups that could get more 1-1 attention and feedback , Although Dan grades could and did stay on for the duration of the session . Nearly five hours of constructive Poomsae and technical training from one of the best coaches in the world ! Clubs from Shins Academy , Horizon , Gajock, NTC and Stoke were all in attendance ! With virtually 1-1 instruction and attention to detail GM Shin covered all the points nessicary to Improve and move forward in technical and competitive Poomsae ! Stoke UTA and the UTA always look forward to these excellent sessions which will be a regular occurrence in Stoke  ! Stoke UTA have World , European , Commonwealth and National Champions in its group both fighting and forms and GM Shin is the main factor that moves our club and the UTA forward ! Thanks to everyone who supported at the weekend !


Stoke UTA took eight Golds and Two Silver medals at the 1st Welsh International Poomsae championships in Cardiff over the weekend ! A small team of five players led by Master Peter Johnson 7th Dan coach , Kept up the winning streak and with excellent performances in both Individual and Team divisions bought a haul of Gold back to the potteries ! Both seasoned players and new talent are producing good performances leading up to bigger competitions over the year  !


Stoke UTAs Chief Instructor and Coach Master Peter Johnson 7th Dan took a Bronze medal in the European Championships 2019 Turkey ! This will add to his Collection of Titles Including World Commonwealth and International podium places ! I took Bronze at the Last Europeans in Greece where I made a mistake in my form and again this time I made a costly mistake that took me out of a possible Gold position , But I was very Happy with my Performance , Competing at this level and being the oldest in the group , sets me up well for when I move up next year into the O65 years of age group and puts me in a very strong position. I travelled with The GB team which had the most Successful Euros Ever and I was proud to be a part of that team !

Stoke UTA Team Success Strong As Steel 2019

Stoke UTA Taekwondo #stokeutataekwondo Sent a ten strong team to the Strong as Steel championships in Sheffield ! With Teams Competing in forms Poomsae and fighting ! The team came away with a haul of nine Gold trophy’s two silver and a Bronze , with some great performances and fights from our players !


Stoke UTA came away with three new Dan grades at the recent UTA Dan grading in Scotland ! Promoted to 4th Dan Stoke UTAs Wayne Nicklin did a great performance and Stokes Rob Murphy and Kacey Titley also came away with their 1st Dan grades ! The grading the highest WTF Dan grading panel under Grand Master TW Shin 9th Dan and one 8th Dan and two 7th Dan masters  in GB was held in Falkirk  and the standard is the highest in the country !


Stoke UTAs Daryl Meir took a well deserved 3rd Place Bronze in the British National Fighting Championships this weekend at the EIS Sports at Sheffield , going through to the semi final , in a great performance to  take bronze to increase his profile in the heavy weight division . Coach Master Peter Johnson was pleased as this year saw a  much depleted Stoke UTA team due to school holidays and players being away on holiday , but Daryl  maintained the clubs tradition of winning national titles at every fighting  nationals for the last twelve years , not pleased with some of the referees decisions during the semi final , Daryl still performed for our club and has the right stuff to carry on and be a future star!