TKD Equipment

As Taekwondo a contact martial art it is important that every measure is taken to ensure that physical injury is avoided as much as possible. Stoke UTA and the WTF governing body takes this very seriously and has a number of requirements:

A Body Protector – This will protect your ribs, kidneys and chest. This item in competition may also be equipped with sensors for electronic scoring. These are reversible Red or Blue.

Groin Protector – This is essential for both men and women competing. A stray kick could cause serious damage.

Head Protector – Anyone who has seen the Olympic Taekwondo will understand the importance of the head protector. These come in Red, Blue or White. Remember though if you are a casual fighter buy a white one. Then you can fight as either Blue or Red and won’t have to buy 2!

Gum Shield – Extremely important if you want to keep your teeth! Remember to wear this as often as possible. Suddenly having to wear a shield in a competition and finding it makes you feel sick, could put you seriously off! WTF regulations dictate this must be either White or Clear.

Foot/Shin Protectors – This will protect your legs from damage and bruising. Especially with older competitors this is essential in stopping hemorrhages and other issues. The same is true of Forearm Protectors.


If you are planning on competing in fighting competitions you will not be allowed to compete unless you are wearing all of the above. In classes we expect a minimum of a body protector and suggest you purchase the other items if you want to get involved in sparring and fighting. Individuals who come unprepared to class may be asked to sit out of sparring due to safety reasons.

WTF approved equipment. 

The WTF employs teams to ensure that the equipment used in competition is of the best quality. Tested equipment can be identified by the WTF logo and if you want to compete, or you are buying with the potential to compete, please ensure that your equipment carries the logo and is approved by the WTF. Individuals with Non WTF approved equipment will not be allowed to compete.

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