Competition Results

Jack PickinSeptember 2013 British Nationals Fighting 20131st Place
Amy TruesdaleSeptember 2013British Nationals Fighting 20132nd Place
Chloe DunnSeptember 2013British Nationals Fighting 20132nd Place
Claire SollakuSeptember 2013British Nationals Fighting 20132nd Place
Calum JohnsonSeptember 2013British Nationals Fighting 20133rd Place
Olivia HarperSeptember 2013British Nationals Fighting 20133rd Place
Lucy Wilding September 2013British Nationals Fighting 20133rd Place
Robert WildingSeptember 2013British Nationals Fighting 20133rd Place
jack PickinOctober 2013Dome 1-1`1st place
Calum JohnsonNovember 2013Yorkshire Open 1st Place
Bethany JohnsonNovember 2013Yorkshire Open 2nd Place
Phillipa HockhamNovember 2013Yorkshire Open 2nd place
Sophie KennerleyMarch 2014BT National Poomsae1st Place
Peter CliffeMarch 2014BT National Poomsae1st Place
Peter Johnson March 2014BT National Poomsae2nd Place
Peter Johnson June 2014Austrian Open 12th
Bethany Johnson June 2014Austrian Open 22/45
Amy TruesdaleJune 2014WTF World Para1st Place
jack pickinjune 2014chi 1-11st place
peter johnsonjune 2014chi 1-11st place
philipa hockhamjune 2014chi 1-12nd place
james beardmorejune 2014chi 1-12ndplace
rhys morganjune 2014chi 1-12nd place
calum johnsonjune 2014chi 1-1
p johnsonjune 2014london international2nd place
bethany johnson june 2014london international1st place 3rd place
calum johnsonjune 2014london international1st place3rd place
james beardmorejune 2014london international1st place2nd place
philipa hockhamjune 2014london international1st place 2nd place
jack pickinjune 2014london international1st place
amy truesdalejune 2014london international1st place3rd place
Beth Johnson20th JuneNIreland Poomsae3rd Place
Sophie Kennerly20th JuneNIreland Poomsae3rd Place
Jack Pickin15th SeptemberNational Fighting1st Place
Calum Johnson15th SeptemberNational Fighting3rd Place
Amy Truesdale15th SeptemberNational Fighting2nd Place
Phillipa Hockham15th SeptemberNational Fighting2nd Place
Amy Truesdale15th NovemberCommonwealth1st Place
Bethany Johnson15th NovemberCommonwealth1st Place 3rd Place
Jack Pickin 15th NovemberCommonwealth3rd Place
Peter Johnson15th November Commonwealth 3rd Place
Amy Truesdale27 NovemberPara Europeans1st Place
amy truesdale22 february1-1yorkshire2nd place
calum johnson22 february1-1 yorkshire1st place
Tom carson22 februaru1-1 yorkshire1st place
jack holdford22 february1-1 yorkshire3nd place
Peter Johnson29 FebruaryNational Poomsae2nd Place
Sophie Kennerly29th FebruaryNational Poomsae2nd Place
Peter Cliffe29thFebruaryNational Poomsae2nd Place
Bethany Johnson 29th FebruaryNational Poomsae 3rd Place
Amy Truesdale8th MarchUltimate Open1st Place
Calum Johnson8th MarchUltimate Open 1st Place
TomCarson8th MarchUltimate Open 3rd Place
Jack Pickin12thaprilSpanish Open Competed
Calum Johnson 12th AprilSpanish Open Competed
Amy Truesdale18th April Euro Paras Moldovia1st Place
Jack Pickin02 MayNTC Nottingham2nd Place
Calum Johnson 02 MayNTC Nottingham 2nd Place
Peter Johnson26th MayGerman Open 7th Place /10
Bethany Johnson 26th MayGerman Open 30/56
peter johnson 20th june NI poomse International2nd place 3rd place pairs
Bethany Johnson 20th uneNIpoomsae International1St Place Team
J Beardmore 20th JuneNI poomsae International 5th Place
Jack Pickin July 8thDome Open Ranking 1st Place
Bethany Johnson JUly Europeans Serbia 9th Place team
Peter Johnson July 12th London International1st Place
Bethany Johnson July 12thLondon International1st Place
James Beardmore July12thLondon International1st Place Team 2nd Place INV
Philipha Hockham July 12thLondon International1st Place Team
Jack PickinJuly 12thLondon International2nd Place
Jack PickinJuly 26thLiverpool Open 1st Place
Jack Pickin17th AugUltimate Cup1st Place
Amy Truesdale17th AugUltimate Cup2nd Place
Phillipha Hockham17th AugUltimate Cup3rd Place
Amy Truesdale12 SeptGB Nationals1st Place
Jack Pickin12 Sept GB Nationals2nd Place
Phillipha Hockham12 SeptGB Nationals2nd Place
Amy Truesdale19 SeptWorld Paras Turkey3rd Place
Amy Truesdale01 OctoberIWAS Worlds Russia2nd Place
Jack Pickin16 OctoberGrand Prix Tag1st Place
Peter Johnson15 NovemberQuest Open 1st Place
Sophie Kennelly15 NovemberQuest Open 2nd Place
James Beardmore15th NovemberQuest Open 3rd place
Philippa Hockham15th NovemberQuest Open 4th Place
Peter Johnson29th November 2016NTC Open 1st Place
Jack Pickin29th NovemberNTC Open1st Place
Sophie Kennerly29th NovemberNTC Open2nd Place
James Beardmore29th NovemberNTC Open 3rd Place
Kacey Titley29th NovemberNTC Open 3rd Place
Liana Snape29th NovemberNTC Open 3rd Place
Phillipha Hockham29th NovemberNTC Open3rd Place
Wayne Nicklin 29th November NTC Open 5th Place
Peter Johnson12th JanuaryFrench Open Lille1st Place
James Beardmore12th JanuaryFrench Open Lille9th Place
Amy Truesdale12FebruaryCanadian G12nd Place
Peter Johnson12th FebruaryCanadian G11st Place
Peter Johnson 26 February 2016London International1st Place
Peter Cliffe26th FebruaryLondon International5rd Place
Sophie Kennerlley26th FebruaryLondon International1st Team3rd Indv
Oliver Ward 26th FebruaryLondon International2nd 3rd Team
Shelly Ward26th February London International3rd Place
Bethany Johnson 26th FebruaryLondon International5th Team
James Beardmore 26th FebruaryLondon InternationalINDV
Phillipha Hockham 26th February London InternationalINDV
Jack Pickin16th marchDutch Open seeded7th/32
Calum Johnson20th MarchUltimate Open 2nd Seeded
Peter Johnson4th April Presidents Cup1st
Jack Pickin11th AprilPresidents Cupseeded2 rounds
Amy Truesdale18th aprilEast Asian Championships2nd
Jack Pickin20th AprilYorkshire Open1st
Calum Johnson20th AprilYorkshire Open3rd
Jack Pickin30th AprilGerman Open 3rd
Jack Pickin29th MayDutch Masters1stJunior
Jack Pickin29th MayDutch Masters1stSenior
Peter Johnson19th JuneAustrian Open G13rd
Jack Pickin19th JuneDome Open1st Jun3rd Sen
Peter Johnson1stJulyGerman Open2nd
Jack Pickin2nd JulyNTC Open1st3rd sen
Calum Johnson2nd JulyNTC Open1st
Peter Johnson 4th SeptScottish Open 1st Forms
Jack Pickin4th SeptScottish Open!st Junior3rd Senior
Calum Johnson4th Sept Scottish Open 2nd
Amy Truesdale17 Sept 16Europeans Poland1st
Jack Pickin17 Sept 16Polish Open 2nd Round
Jack Pickin 25 SeptBritish Nationals1st Junior and Senior
Phillipha Hockham 25 SeptBritish Nationals 3rd
Calum Johnson25th Sept British Nationals 5th
Peter Johnson 29th SeptWTF Worlds Peru3rd
Peter Johnson5th Nov BT National Forms 1st ind and Team
James Beardmore 5th NovBT National Forms2nd
Liana Snape 5th NovBT National Forms 2nd and Pair
Sophie Kennerly5th NovBT National Forms3rd
Kacey Titley5th NovBT National Forms 20163rd and pair
Peter Cliffe5th NovBT National forms2nd
Bethany Johnson 5th NOvBT National forms 3rd
Jack Pickin

Jack Pickin

Nov 5thJunior Worlds Canada16th
Peter JohnsonJan 14th French Open Lille2nd
Bethany Johnsonjan 14thFrench Open Lille34/68
Peter JohnsonJan 27thBluewave Open1st
Sophie KennerlyFebruary 26thNorthern Ireland2 Golds Bronxe
Bethany Johnson March 2017BTSF Nationals 2nd
Peter JohnsonMarch 29th 2017Harrogate Inter2 GoldsBronze
Sophie KennerlyMarch29Harrogate Inter2 Bronze
Liana SnapeMarch 29Harrogate Inter2 Golds
Kacey TitleyMarch 29Harrogate Inter2 Golds1 Bronze
Phillipha HockhamMarch 29Harrogate Inter5th
Nora HastingsJune 25Liverpool OpenSilver
Daryl MierJune 25Liverpool OpenSilver
Craig AstburyJune 25Liverpool OpenSilver
Amy TruesdaleJune30Asian Open KoreaGold
Bethany JohnsonJuly 23Univ Euros Portugal5/16
Nora HastingsSept18thNationals VelodromeBronze
Phillipha HockhamSept18thNationals VelodromeBronze
Amy TruesdaleSept 18thNationals VelodromeGold
Craig AstburySept18thNationals VelodromeQuatr Final
Nick ChallinorSept 18thNationals VelodromeQuarter Final
Daryl MierSept 18thNationals VeledromeQuarter Final
Peter JohnsonSept 29Commonweath CanadaGold
Peter JohnsonSept 29Canada OpenGold
Peter JohnsonOct 14Ultimate OpenGold
Kacey TitleyOct14Ultimate OpenBronze
Amy TruesdaleOct 19Worlds LondonGold
Sophie Kennerlly NovPortuguese Open SilverBronze
Liana SnapeNov 19Quest Open Silver
Kacey TitleyNov 19Quest Open Gold
Peter Johnson Nov19Quest OPen Gold
Kacey titley 2 Dec 17British NationalsGoldSilver
James Beardmore2 Dec 17British NationalsBronze
Liana Snape2 Dec 17British NationalsGold
Peter Johnson2 DecBritish nationalsSilver
Peter Cliffe 2 Dec 17British NationalsBronze
Wayne Nicklin2 Dec 17British NationalsBronze
Bethany Johnson 2 Dec17British Nationals Gold Bronze
Sophie Kennerly 2 DecBritish Nationals Bronze
Marlon Penny2 Dec British nationals GoldBronze
Daryl Mier 2 DecBritish nationals Gold Bronze
Mark Aitkien 2 DecBritish NationalsSilver
Phillipha Hockham 2 Dec British Nationals 1st Round
Peter Johnson20 Jan 2018French Open LilleGold
Bethany Johnson20 jan 2018French Open Lille1st round
Peter Johnson24 Feb 2018German Open Hamburgsemis
Bethany Johnson24 Feb 2018German Open HamburgSemis
peter johnson3march 2018Harrogate open goldbronze
Bethany johnson3 march 2018Harrogate opengold
wayne nicklin 3 march 2018Harrogate opengold
Kacey titley3 march 2018Harrogate open 2018goldsilver
liana snape3 march 2018Harrogate open gold
leah McEwen 3 march 2018Harrogate open gold silver
Mark Aitkien 3 march 2018Harrogate open bronze
Beth Johnson9th March 2018BSTF NationalsSilver
Peter Johnson3 june 2018BluewavegoldSilver pairs
Wayne Nicklin3 june 2018BluewaveSilver
Marlon Brandz3 june 2018Bluewavegold
Kacey Titley3 june 2018BluewaveSilver
Gerlinder3 June 2018BluewaveGold
Sophie Kennerly3 june 2018BluewaveThird rnd
Peter johnson1 sept 2018Scottish opengold
gerlinder hoglinger1 sept 2018Scottish opensilver
wayne nicklin1 sept 2018Scottish openbronze
P johnson10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1gold
W Nicklin10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1bronze
K Titley10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1gold
M Stazeker10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1GoldSilver
Millie Brown 10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1silver
Andrea Wan10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1silver
Kaydan Reis10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1Gold
Daryl Meir 10 Sept 2018Liverpool 1-1silver
Shannon Morgan10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1Silver
Connor Ikins10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1Silver
Steve Casewell10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1Gold
Liam Tolly 10 sept 2018Liverpool 1-1Silver
peter johnson18th sept 2018Canada open gold
peter Johnson 20septManchester opengold
Kacey titley20septManchester opengold
Daryl Mier20hOctoberNational Fighting
peter JohnsonDecember 2018National Poomsae
Wayne NicklinDecember 2018National Poomsae
Kacey Titley December 2018National Poomsae
Peter JohnsonFebruary 2019Presidents Cup
Peter Johnson February 2019Strong as Steel Gold
Peter CliffeFebruary 2019Strong as Steel Gold
Andrea Wan February 2019Strong as Steel Gold
Rosie Hurst February 2019Strong as steel Gold
Mel StazekerFebruary 2019Strong as steel Gold
Liam Tolley February 2019 Strong as Steel Gold
Craig Astbury February 2019Strong as steel Gold
Marie Astbury February 2019Strong as Steel Silver
K Dos Rys February 2019Strong as Steel Gold
P Johnson February 2019 German open Silver
Bethany Johnson February 2019BSTF WorcesterSilver
Calum Johnson February 2019BTTF Worcester Bronze
Peter JohnsonFebruary 2019 2nd HarrogateGold
Wayne NicklinFebruary 20192nd Harrogatesilver
Kacey TitleyFebruary 20192nd Harrogatesilver
Leah McGowanFebruary 20192nd Harrogate Gold
Bethany Johnson March 2019Student Nationals Bronze
Calum Johnson March 2019Student Nationals 5th Place
Peter Johnson March 2019 Europeans TurkeyBronze
Peter Johnson April 2019Welsh Open CardiffGold
Wayne Nicklin April 2019welsh open cardifSilver
Kacey Titley April 2019Welsh Open CardiffSilver
Rose Hurst April 2019Welsh Open Cardiff Gold
Millie Brown April 2019Welsh Open Cardiff Gold
Peter Johnson May2019BluewaveGold
Bethany Johnson May 2019Bluewave5th
Wayne NicklinMay 2019BluewaveGold
Kacey TitleyMay 2019Bluewave7th
Andrea Wan May 2019BluwaveBronze
Peter Johnson July 2019 Kinderscout Open Gold
Wayne NicklinJuly 2019Kinderscout Open Gold
Martin SmittJuly 2019Kinderscout Open Bronze
James Beardmore July 19thKinderscout Open Gold
Kacey TitleyJuly 2019Kinderscout Open Bronze
Rose HurstJuly 2019Kinderscout Open Gold
Andrea Wan july 2019Kinderscout Open Gold
Millie Brown July 2019Kinderscout Open Silver
Marlon Penny July 2019Kinderscout Open Gold
Craig AstburyJuly 2019Kinderscout Open Silver
Liam Tolley July 2019Kinderscout Open Silver
Mel Stazaker July 2019Kinderscout Open Silver
Peter JohnsonJuly 2019UTF London InternationalGold
Wayne Nicklinjuly 2019UTF London InternationalGold
Kacey Titley July 2019UTF London InternationalGold
Bethany Johnson August 2019Croatia Student Euros10th
Peter JohnsonSeptember 2019Scottish Open Gold
Wayne Nicklin September 2019Scottish Open 5th
Kacey TitleySeptember 2019Scottish Open 5th
Rose Hurst September 2019Scottish Open Gold
Peter Johnson September 2019London Open Gold
Wayne Nicklin September 2019London OpenGold
Kacey Titley September 2019London Open Gold
Peter Johnson October 2019Manchester OpenGold
Wayne NicklinOctober 2019Manchester Open Gold
Kacey Titley October 2019Manchester Open Bronze
Gerlinder Hoglinger October 2019Manchester Open Gold
peterJohnsonNovember 2019Belgian OpenSilver
Wayne Nicklin November 2019Belgian open 8th
Liam TolleyNovember 2019National FightingSilver
Daryl Mier November 2019National FightingBronze
Peter JohnsonNovember 2019National PoomsaeSilver
Wayne Nicklin November 2019National Poomsae Silver
Peter Cliffe November 2019National PoomsaeSilver
Kacey TitleyNovember 2019National PoomsaeBronze
James BeadmoreNovember 2019National poomsaeBronze
Mel Stazaker November 2019National PoomsaeGold
Milly Brown November 2019National Poomsae Gold
Andrea Wan November 2019National Poomsae Silver
Bethany JohnsonNovember 2019Student NationalsSilver
Peter JohnsonFebruary 2020LanarkshireGold
WAyne Nicklin February 2020LanarkshireGold
Kacey TitleyFebruary 2020LanarkshireSilver
Oliver WardFebruary 2020LanarkshireGold
Shell Ward February 2020Lanarkshire Gold
Bethany JohnsonFebruary 2020BUCS Winter 2020 Bronze
Peter Johnson March 2020Harrogate Open Gold
Wayne Nicklin March 2020Harrogate Open Gold
Peter CliffeMarch 2020Harrogate Open Gold
Kacey TitleyMarch 2020Harrogate Open Bronze
Oliver WardMarch 2020Harrogate Open Gold
Shell Ward March 2020Harrogate Open Gold Silver