Stoke UTA is one of the oldest WTF Olympic Taekwondo Clubs in the Staffordshire and Cheshire area. It has steadily grown into an organisation running a number of different clubs from across the area.

30 Years!

Stoke UTA first started over thirty years ago based in the Old Town Hall Burslem and grew into a successful and bustling club with a large membership. Following the closure of the Burslem Town Hall facility (which became Ceramica) the club was forced to move to the Cobridge Community Centre and it still meet there to this day (just one venue of many!). During it’s time the club has trained at a number of locations in the area including the Northern College of Education’s Sports hall and also ran a club at the Youth Centre in Pump street.  

A Growing Club…

Stoke UTA soon began to grow and the club opened its second official club at the Alsager Leisure Centre on Hassall Road, then following meetings with the Council and Sports departments was involved with the Opening of the Wallace Sports and education Centre. Stoke UTA were the first club to open there. Continuing the momentum the club took over a local Sandbach club in the Literary Institute. This extended it’s catchment area to Cheshire and the Sandbach club now forms an important part of the Stoke UTA groups of clubs.

Education and Supporting Communities.

Stoke UTA believes in supporting growing minds and is involved with Partnerships in Schools. The first ever after School Club is now running in Waterhouses and the club is a regular contributor to Holden Lane High School Sports days and Festivals.


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