Club Rules


Amended 2013

1) Stoke UTA only practices WTF Taekwondo and no other type of Martial arts including weapons and adheres strictly to the UTA’s Syllabus and WTF Poomsae.

2) Stoke UTA Members must hold a Current BT/WTF/UTA licence Insurance book and renew annually at least two weeks before deadline fines are imposed by British Taekwondo.

3) Students must wear the correct WTF Uniform and Belt at all times, also a correct graded belt. No shoes other than TKD Approved Shoes must be worn. In summer White T-Shirts may be worn at the discretion of the Instructor.

4) Protection: All students who do WTF Style sparring must wear full WTF Approved Protection, including Head gear and Body Protector. It is advised that a gum shield is worn.

5) Food and drink: No alcohol, food or smoking is permitted during training. Mobile Phones must be switched off to avoid distraction and interruption of the lesson.

6) Medical Issues: Students with medical problems e.g asthma must bring prescribed medication and the Instructor must be informed. Any injury however slight must be reported to the instructor and entered in the medical book , if not this could invalidate your insurance.

7) Spectators: Parents and other spectators must keep as far away from the training area as possible and not interrupt the lesson. Parents must arrive early to pick their children at the end of the session and keep noise down to a minimum whilst classes are being held.

8) Stoke UTA Students are not allowed to train at any other Taekwondo clubs other than the listed Stoke UTA clubs. This is for Insurance purposes and to keep the syllabus in line, if a student moves away from the area the Instructor can advise on a suitable club to train with.

9) Fees: Students must pay fees up front. Monthly cash payers must pay at the beginning of the month and daily fees must be paid at the beginning of the session.

10) Gradings: Students who want to grade must have full UTA/BT licence. They must wear a full Uniform. They must have undertaken both the required time period and also a reasonable number of lessons between gradings. Kup gradings are held every 3-4 months and Dan Gradings twice yearly. Rules are stricter for Dan grading candidates, and The Stoke UTA Chief Instructor will evaluate, each case on their suitability to grade.

11) Photo Policy: All students applying to Join Stoke UTA will be asked to agree to a Photo policy to use for promotion of our club both nationally and in Local papers.

12) Leaving: When Students leave our club it is expected that they inform the Instructor as a sign of respect and to enable the book keeping to be kept up to date. If this does not happen under no Circumstances will that student be allowed to train in the UTA again .

13) Support: It is expected that all Stoke UTA Students support their Club, any criticism of the club in the media, or any disrespect to our Chief Instructor or Instructors will result in immediate expulsion.

14) Stoke UTA runs an Open student policy, allowing all races, genders and religious persuasions to train and compete. We also do not discriminate on the grounds of disabilities and it is expected that all our members respect this.

15) Any problem arising within the club must be raised immediately with the Chief Instructor of Stoke UTA. Stoke UTA runs a Child protection Policy and Ethical Policy within our Organisation. Personal matters must not be brought into the Training hall, and students with Injury’s or feeling unwell must not attempt to train and must report this to your senior Instructors.

16) Competitions: Students wishing to compete in competitions must be fully licensed, have done the necessary training, also have the adequate WTF Protection. All entry fees must be paid up front or Students will not be inserted into the competition. Also Students must be aware of how they are getting to the Venue and sort out their own transport.

17) Instruction: Stoke UTA have designated Instructors and no one else is allowed to teach without the Chief Instructors permission. If the designated Instructor does not turn up the lesson is automatically cancelled. The Chief Instructor of Stoke UTA will have two weeks statutory holiday a year and the Club will be closed during this period; this could take the form off two separate weeks or two weeks en block.

18) Data Protection: Stoke UTA will hold all the personal details of its members these will not be given out unless instructed by the student to any other person or organisations, and only used for club contact details and competition information any change of address or change of medical circumstances must be flagged up to the Instructor.

19) Stoke UTA will not tolerate Physical verbal or any form of aggressive behaviour in the club. The Chief Instructor has the right to expel any student if this sort of behaviour is observed or reported .

20) All Stoke UTA Funds are open for observation by any student, and accounts, all our accounts go under STKD, Lloyds Banking, also a copy of our constitution is available, our accounts are audited and verified by accountant.