Stoke UTA lead the way in Staffordshire for the most anticipated seminar

Stoke UTA’s most anticipated seminar with Moldovan Olympian Aaron Cook, will take place this weekend, at the Wallace Sports and Education Centre, on Abbots road, at nine in the morning

The session will last two hours, ending at eleven. Cook will then be willing to sign merchandise for all those who attend. This will be one of Stoke UTA’s highest number of students attending a seminar. There will be nearly 70 students at the Wallace Centre.

This is one of the many seminars held by Stoke UTA , a few previous ones that had been hosted included players like GB Martin Stamper and double World Champion GM Tong Won Shin 9th dan.

Stoke UTA lead the way in the Midlands in holding not only excellent class seminars. But successful development days and elite poomsae and korougi training days.

The Stoke UTA stable has produced World, European, Commonwealth and National Championships. There are not many organisations or clubs in the Midlands, who have been successful in producing elite champions and dan grades as Stoke UTA.