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Master Johnson trains for the Euros despite injury

Master Peter Johnson 7th Dan had travelled to Uxbridge, London for a British Taekwondo (BT) European training session which lasted the whole day with the BT Euro team.

Master Johnson had picked up a calf injury, but is still trying to go strong while preparing for the forth coming Europeans in Rhodes, Greece.

Master Johnson’s first successful seminar in Isle of Man

Master Peter Johnson has completed a very successful seminar in the Isle of Man for the ACE Taekwondo club.

The ACE club had invited Master Johnson, for a seminar he also sat through one of the clubs cup grading session.

As well as having a seminar in the Isle of Man, Master Johnson had also started to help a small group of students in their poomsae competition.

Master Johnson has said he will be hoping to go back soon to do another seminar.

He said: “It was a great Seminar and all the students were eager to learn, and the hospitality was fantastic.”