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Star Olympians visit the famous Stoke UTA Kukkitwo

Olympic stars Aaron Cook and Bianca Walkden, are the most recent visitors of the Kukkitwo. This is Stoke UTA’s very own private training facility.

Moldovan Olympic athlete Cook and Team GB’s Olympic medallist Walkden, had visited the facility just before heading down to deliver the seminar for Stoke UTA at the Wallace and Sports Education centre, in Abbey Houlton, Stoke.

The Kukkitwo is where Master Peter Johnson gives extra training and delivers special 1-1 sessions for individual students.

Master Johnson’s private facility has become quite a hit on Facebook, with people from around the globe wanted to use it for their own training purposes.

The name originated from South Korea’s famous Kukkiwon taekwondo school, which is a training ground for students in Korea. So the name Kukkitwo stood out for Master Johnson as Kukkiwon could be read as Kukki-one. It was a very well thought out wordplay.