Stoke UTA Taekwondo hosted a UTA Seminar this weekend at the Wallace Sports Centre ! grand Master Tong Won Shin 9th Dan and Double World Champion Conducted the session .

The five hour session was split into two groups Kup and Dan with smaller groups that could get more 1-1 attention and feedback , Although Dan grades could and did stay on for the duration of the session . Nearly five hours of constructive Poomsae and technical training from one of the best coaches in the world ! Clubs from Shins Academy , Horizon , Gajock, NTC and Stoke were all in attendance ! With virtually 1-1 instruction and attention to detail GM Shin covered all the points nessicary to Improve and move forward in technical and competitive Poomsae ! Stoke UTA and the UTA always look forward to these excellent sessions which will be a regular occurrence in Stoke  ! Stoke UTA have World , European , Commonwealth and National Champions in its group both fighting and forms and GM Shin is the main factor that moves our club and the UTA forward ! Thanks to everyone who supported at the weekend !